Podcast interview with Euphrates' Founder

Have you ever heard the story of why Euphrates is called Euphrates? Or where the conviction came from that in the middle of war or chaos, peace and progress are present?Travis Thomas of Live Yes, And... sat down for a conversation with Euphrates CEO and Founder Janessa Gans Wilder.janessacast-300x169

  • Listen to how her experiences as an insurgency analyst taught her to focus on what is truly critical, as she worked amid exploding bombs and mortars.
  • Learn how how she switched from working "across the table" from Iraqis to working side by side with them, and how this this "heart connection" planted the seed for the Euphrates model today.
  • Glean from her experiences how to stay inspired and in touch with the humanity in the Middle East, rather than to become bogged down in cynicism or hopelessness.

Listen to the 30-minute interview!