Muslims Protect Christians in Bus Attack

A bus carrying Kenyan Christians and Muslims  was traveling through a Kenyan/Somali border-town called El Wak. Somali al-Shabab militants commandeered the bus and demanded that the Muslims and Christians separate into two groups. This same method was used during the horrific Garissa University College massacre where 148 people died. During the university massacre, the Christians were singled out and executed while most of the Muslims were free to escape.In a courageous move of solidarity, the Muslim passengers refused to move away from their fellow Christian countrymen. What is more telling from this incident is that the gunmen stood down from a group of unified unarmed civilians. The gunmen gave up out of frustration.Xenophobic demagogues such as a France's Le Penn and America's Trump along with terror groups such as ISIS and its affiliates thrive off fear and division. Solidarity through understanding will render these radical movements powerless. We should all strive to be like the courageous Kenyan Muslims on the bus.

InspireMatthew Bebb1 Comment