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Israel and Palestine: September 12-26  |  Jordan extension: September 26-30

  • Meet and speak with a myriad of local grassroots peace builders, settlers and refugees.
  • Explore Biblical sites with an archaeologist-guide who brings ancient accounts to life. Tour with a present-day Middle East expert throughout the trip and receive political briefings on the current conflict.
  • Listen to the narratives on both sides – Israeli and Palestinian – in order to better understand this conflict, and get to know the change agents who are dedicated to transforming conflict into peace.
  • Receive personalized attention in a small group setting as you tour much of Israel and the West Bank, visiting many key sites from both past and present along the way, and learn more about why both the historic and current events of this region are so relevant to our world. Learn more.
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“Our trip was the most inspiring time of my life. It was an adventure full of listening, learning, questioning, pondering, challenges, and triumphs. I have never been so pushed to step outside of my mental comfort zone and to open my thought to new ideas. This experience genuinely changed my life by opening my eyes to the need the world has for compassion, understanding, and unbridled love. In addition, the trip taught me how to really live life, loving my neighbors as myself.” –Eric P.

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Your 15 day journey through Israel and the West Bank includes exploring ancient Biblical sites, examining present day Middle East politics and social landscape, and interacting with over 20 different groups who will help you better understand the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and how transformation happens, linking the personal to global.Experience firsthand the land considered holy by half the world. Wander through the narrow streets of Jerusalem; tour both sides of the conflict in the ancient city of Hebron and along the separation barrier in Bethlehem; reflect on the shores of the Galilean Sea; expose yourself to the varied perspectives of Israeli guides, Palestinian refugees, Jewish settlers, international journalists, Israeli Defense Force members, Syrian Druze, and activists and peacemakers on both sides of the divide.A century ago, Albert Einstein observed that “problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking at which they were created.” This fall, come explore the roots of this current conflict with a Middle East expert and discover new levels of thinking in yourself and the Holy Land.
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