"The world is one family."

Healing prejudice against albinos in the Congo

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Euphrates Chapter Leader, Elesse and his wife Virginia brought together albinos and non-albinos from the community for a concert and reconciliation event. It was their third dialogue between these groups in a country where albinos have been marginalized and victimized for generations. Reflecting on the experience, Elesse wrote, “We used the mini-concert to break the ice, then we had a dialogue to create a spirit of community and healing. We are curing albinos of self-condemnation, fear, and grief of stigmas, and non-albinos of ignorance-based superstition, fears, harsh judgment, and exclusive behavior that diminishes everyone.” Watch a short video from this beautiful gathering here.

Honoring MLK and RFK today

The Powers Catholic High School Euphrates Chapter in Flint, Michigan created a powerful tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy to honor the 50 year anniversary of the assassinations of both leaders. Both men envisioned a country and world beyond division, inequality, and oppression. Listen to the poignant words of RFK's speech following MLK's death, as relevant now as ever, voiced by today's student leaders.


A Yemeni Refugee’s Story of Hope

Seattle Chapter members attended a talk last week given by Mohammed Al Samawi, a Yemeni refugee who escaped the civil war and through social media, was rescued by a small interfaith group in the U.S. His story is written in a book called “The Fox Hunt,” which will soon be made into a movie. The Chapter has also been getting better acquainted with members of the Jewish community in their area, hosting a conversation with a Jewish friend at a recent meeting, which led to an invitation to a Shabbat dinner and the local synagogue.


Memorial Day Tribute

Vietnam veteran and former Redding mayor, Mike Dahl, shares poignant remarks on Memorial Day in the United States. He remains an active community member and supporter of Euphrates who is turning “Others” into brothers locally. His words are a powerful reminder to cherish those who have sacrificed their lives in the service of American values and citizens. You can read the speech he delivered on May 30th at a Rotary Chapter in Redding on our blog.


Exploring a more unlimited view of ourselves and others

Global Outreach and Communications Director, Moriah Early-Manchester, recently facilitated a workshop titled, “Beyond the Limits of your own Story” in preparation for the International Perspectives Conference at Principia College this fall. Participants explored how we must first become aware of our own lens in order to then be able to see beyond its limits and embrace a more expansive view our ourselves and others. You can watch the workshop at this link. Moriah is looking forward to giving another workshop on “Empowering Youth: Digital Peacebuilding Tools for the Future” at the Parliament of World Religions in Toronto later this year.


Congratulations to our graduating student leaders!

We would like to congratulate three student Chapter Leaders who are graduating this spring–Jaz Martus at Powers Catholic High School, Ivy Raines at St. Lawrence University, and Christine Ibrahim at University of California Riverside! A huge thanks to each of you for your wholehearted commitment and selfless service to Euphrates, and for proving that peace is practical on your campuses. We know that you will continue to inspire others, and the river of light and hope will follow you wherever you go!


A grateful farewell from the Director of Operations

It has been a real privilege to be part of the Euphrates team for the past two years, and especially to be connected with so many globally-minded, high-calibre thought leaders in the process. I am deeply thankful for my journey at Euphrates, starting as a member of the pilot Chapter in 2010 to serving as the Director of Operations and co-leading a trip to the Middle East in 2016. It has been foundational to my personal and professional growth, shaping my worldview to recognize our common humanity, and teaching me to show up as a compassionate listener with a grateful heart in my everyday life. I know I will carry many lessons I’ve been learning forward with me and I look forward to staying connected to my dear Euphrates family! Thank you ALL for your kind encouragement and support over many years! Read her reflection on our blog.