Recent press coverage - Euphrates featured on NPR St. Louis and in Enjoy Magazine

While on tour last month, Euphrates Founder and CEO Janessa Gans Wilder was interviewed on St. Louis Public Radio. Listen to their informative and inspiring conversation about Euphrates' purpose to turn the 'Other' into a brother and how we can implement it in our local communities!One caller referred to Janessa's message as a "breath of fresh air" and another called it "refreshing." She responded insightfully to questions on the current political climate, the rise of extremism, U.S. involvement in the Iraq War, the purpose of Euphrates Chapters, and how to get students engaged in Middle East issues.

Enjoy Magazine: Northern California Living wrote an article in the March 2017 about Janessa and the Euphrates Institute. She tells the story of how she transitioned from CIA analyst in Iraq post 9/11 to peacebuilder and nonprofit executive. Through this transformative experience, she went from seeing Iraqis as the enemy to working in partnership with them.Janessa believes that anyone can turn the 'Other' into a brother and she explains that Euphrates Chapters "are doing the work of creating more understanding of the Middle East and its issues, while building bridges in their own communities with whoever the 'other' is."
Image credit: Kelly Moffitt and Eric Leslie