November is a month of giving!

Today marks the official start to the month of giving, culminating with #GivingTuesday on November 27th, a day that celebrates giving worldwide.  This post is coming on the heels of reports of acts of violence here in the United States and around the globe.  There is no better time to pause, reflect on the climate in which we are living and consciously choose how we each can be agents of change towards a more peaceful society.

Throughout this month we will be sharing information and stories from our global community of visionaries that inform, inspire and transform.  We hope to provide each of you with heart filled examples of changemakers promoting peace, reconciliation and cooperation in their communities.  It is also our goal to raise $50,000 this month to enable Euphrates to continue in our life changing work.

While many of you are familiar with the Euphrates Institute, some of you may be new to our work, so a bit about who we are…  Euphrates is an independent, nonprofit organization with a purpose to inspire humanity to act from Oneness. We live this purpose by promoting communities of action, building networks of changemakers, facilitating educational forums and experiential learning, and communicating messages of peace.Euphrates is able to do this work through the generous donations of individuals like you who choose to invest in peace.  Euphrates gratefully receives gifts big and small from all over the world.  Each one matters!

To give you an idea of how far your donations will go….

$5,000 – Sponsors the development of the Global Citizenship Passport Collaborative, an online tool that will connect changemakers and empower them as global citizens

$2,000 – Sponsors Chapter Leaders at international conferences

$1,000 – Supports a Euphrates chapter for six months

$500 - Provides the opportunity to meet with a peacebuilding NGO in Israel-Palestine

$250 – Covers a Euphrates grant which funds peacebuilding initiatives$150 - Sponsors an hour-long workshop for the community

$75 - Pays for a Euphrates Chapter call with global changemakers around the world

$50 - Funds an informative and inspiring online post

$20 - Enables us to spread the word about our visionaries, Chapters and leadership on social media

Euphrates is participating in North State Giving Tuesday along with other nonprofits local to northern California.

Throughout the month you can donate directly to our website - - or to the North State Gives site - We also encourage you to engage with our #GivingTuesday campaign during the month of November!

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