New video! Follow National Youth Orchestra of Iraq founder Zuhal Sultan at the UN

The room felt electric as Secretary General Ban Ki-moon officially opened the 2015 International Day of Peace a few weeks ago. Students had been filing in for thirty minutes, after waiting outside the United Nations security gates early in the morning on Monday, September 21st.The Messengers of Peace delivered inspiring opening remarks and the Under-Secretary General Cristina Gallach led us through the beginning of the ceremony. The star-studded panel all spoke to the power of community, music, and youth empowerment as tools toward furthering peace and the resolution of conflict around the world. Euphrates' Visionary of the Year Zuhal Sultan took over the role of moderating just following Yo-Yo Ma's soaring solo cello performance.Euphrates' videographer Rick Schaberg captured scenes from the day - enjoy this behind-the-scenes view of such a special moment on a day when so many around the world pause, take a moment, and contemplate the real possibility of a world where peace could be.After the Conference came to a close with the ringing of the peace gong and a declaration of peace, people flocked to the front of the room to meet Zuhal and take photos with her. The Rev. Patrick McCollum, maker of the world peace violin, asked Zuhal to add her blessing to this instrument with such an amazing history. Later that afternoon we had the privilege of hearing it played at the World Flag Ceremony we attended. The violin, along with the unity and international bridge-building it represents, is further proof of the role that music and the arts play in the peace process.You can watch the entire conference here (see 1:24 and 2:25 for Zuhal's sections).