May 2016 Chapters Update


➜ It's been a month full of activity for the Dallas Chapter!
On May 5th, they attended the Thanks Giving Square Foundation National Day of Prayer Luncheon where Janessa was invited to be the keynote speaker. It was a powerful and inspiring event followed by a gathering among Chapter members with Janessa. The Chapter watched and discussed the film, Fambul Tok, a documentary about grassroots peacebuilding and conflict resolution after the civil war in Sierra Leone.Dallas is among the top U.S. cities to resettle Syrian refugees. Chapter leader, Debra, had the opportunity to sit in on a session with a group of teenage girls who are refugees, and are eagerly learning about their worth and identity.Members also visited an Ismali Muslim center to take a tour and see an art exhibit raising awareness about poverty.
➜ The Redding Chapter hosted a panel discussion featuring four Muslim high school exchange students from Yemen, Palestine, Tunisia, and the Philippines. They shared their stories of challenges they have overcome, and their courage and hope for the future.If you'd like to learn more about the event, read this article published in the local newspaper. Janessa also wrote about the event and other insights from her recent travels in her blog post, "I believe in the power of goodness".Chapter members are also reading Richard Forer's "Breakthrough: Transforming Fear into Compassion" together this summer.
High school exchange students from Tunisia, Yemen, Palestine, and The Philippines
➜ The Chattanooga Chapter attended a shabbat service at the Mizpah Reform Synagogue. It's a beautiful and historic building, and the congregation was very welcoming. The interim rabbi sat with the group following the service and answered their questions. Afterwards, the Chapter members enjoyed lunch at a local Middle Eastern restaurant!
This summer they will be reading the book "Righteous Transgressions" by Lihi Ben Shitrit and begin planning for a major event this fall. They will be hosting a panel discussion on the U.S. presidential candidates' foreign policy stances, with several UTC professors from the History and Political Science departments serving as panelists.
➜ Euphrates recently connected with Peace Tree International through our New Delhi Chapter leader. This non-profit organization empowers youth to celebrate cultural diversity and respect through the arts. Read more about their work on our blog.

Upcoming Events

June 1: Peace Tree DayJune 5: World Environment Day - watch this poignant lecture about the importance of environmental issues in the Middle East, "Let Them Drown: The Violence of Othering in a Warming World" by Naomi KleinJune 6: Final opportunity to register for our trip to the Middle East in September!June 15: The Seattle Chapter will attend the Muslim Association of Puget Sound Iftar CelebrationJune 20: World Refugee DayJuly 23-24: The Seattle Chapter will have a booth at Arab FestJuly 24: Malala talk in SeattleCheck out our resources page for some great reading materials to help you get informed about the Middle East this summer!  You can also visit and "like" our Facebook page for more videos, articles, and blog posts!