March 2016 Chapters Update

Chapter Updates

The Redding Chapter continues to be very active! They recently had a discussion on Islamophobia and arranged a talk with a Palestinian student with about 80 people in attendance! In May, they are planning to host a similar panel discussion with exchange students from the Middle East to ask them about their lives, culture, and perspective. They are also co-sponsoring a lecture given by Euphrates visionary, T.H. Culhane about turning household waste into energy, and will have a booth at the local Earth Day festival. Chapter members are currently reading "Transforming Fear into Compassion" together.IMG_2442➜ In Dallas, the Chapter Leader connected with Jason Clarke from an organization called Seek the Peace, and hosted him as a speaker on March 18th. They are also involved in the Thanks-giving Square Foundation interfaith group, and are helping to prepare for when Janessa gives the keynote address at the National Day of Prayer luncheon in May. The Chapter plans to go to a Mediterranean restaurant, visit a mosque, and continue reading "The Lemon Tree" in the next few months.➜ The College Station Chapter Leader attended a panel discussion hosted by the Muslim Student Association at Texas A&M on "Being Muslim, Being American, with the military." Two Muslims spoke about their experiences serving in the military and addressed misconceptions about Islam. Our Chapter Leader has read "The Lemon Tree" and has begun "Children of the Stone" by Sandy Tolan. She hopes to read a variety of books on the Middle East and share about them among other members of the 2 (1)➜ The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Chapter has been advertising Euphrates on campus and raising awareness about anti-refugee legislation in the state. They are planning to attend an open house at the local Islamic Center, visit a Reform synagogue, and watch film screenings at the Jewish Film Festival in the coming month. In the fall, they are organizing an event with a panel of professors to discuss presidential candidates' foreign policy stances.➜ The St. Louis Chapter invited a representative from the Islamic Speakers Bureau to visit a private home for a recent meeting. The speaker was engaging and she discussed Islamic theology, dispelled myths about Islam, and drew similarities to Christianity with the group. They had an attentive audience of 24 people who were willing to stay late to ask the speaker questions!➜ Principia is also eager to host speakers. They have talked with a Coptic Christian priest in the past, and would like to invite a Jewish rabbi and a Muslim imam in the future. They are interested in setting up volunteer work and fundraisers for organizations that work with Syrian refugees.IMG_8054

Upcoming Events

Celebrate Earth Day with us on April 22! Find an event taking place in your area and invite your Chapter to join in. Learn more about official Earth Day campaigns from their website, and discover how peace and sustainability are directly connected. There are countless ways, big and small, that you can take action to help protect our planet!Don’t forget about our Monthly Campaigns! These are great ways to help you generate Chapter ideas and activities! April’s Campaign focus is Supporting Sustainable Development.