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We are so grateful for your support of our growth! Enabling this progress is the generosity of donors like you, as well as the energy and vision of people we’ve never met from all over the globe who are making the Euphrates movement their own and turning 'Others' into brothers.Your tax-deductible contribution goes directly to support our programs and activities.Read our Annual Review to see this year's full report.

  • Expanded to 20 Chapters around the world and counting!
  • Supported the founder of a groundbreaking project educating and empowering Syrian refugees.
  • Led a transformative Middle East trip that illuminated the connection between individual and global change.
  • Spread our message and vision through talks, national media, and articles.

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Your investment will support visionaries in the Middle East and help us reach our goal of 100 Chapters worldwide!From Seattle to Sudan, from Brussels to Berkeley, our Euphrates Chapters around the world are building bridges and inspiring transformation in their communities. Consider these examples:

  • Our two Chapters in India, New Delhi and Kolkata, have hosted events at their universities to help students find common ground between the Middle East and India, and bridge the Hindu-Muslim divide.
  • Our newest Chapter at St. Lawrence University in New York recently attended the Middle East Institute’s 70th annual conference in Washington, D.C.  and members hosted several campus-wide activities on the International Day of Peace.
  • This Fall, we met Chapter leaders in the Palestinian Territories and Jordan. Yasmeen Ishtay in Amman, Jordan. gave several lectures to local students about the importance of achieving inner peace in order to practice peace on a larger scale.

Transformation is at the core of each of our programs. We believe that if you have an encounter with the ‘Other,’ and listen to him with the intent to understand, you open yourself up to deep change. We aim for this kind of experience each time we lead groups abroad, and once again our latest trip to the Middle East transformed participants in powerful ways.

  • Participants discovered unlikely partners—from Jewish settlers and neighboring West Bank Palestinians to former Palestinian militants and Israeli soldiers—who are overcoming differences and working together to resolve their problems.
  • Group members discovered a softening in their own attitudes towards their ‘Other,’ and found that by accommodating competing narratives, they opened up space for others to do likewise, and were inspired to live the lessons back home.

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With the Syrian conflict at the forefront of our news and heavy in our hearts, this year we honored 2016 Visionary of the Year Nousha Kabawat, an inspiring young Syrian-Canadian woman who created Project Amal ou Salam (Project Hope and Peace). This network of peace-building and empowerment schools and workshops for displaced Syrians has served over 6,000 refugee children to date. Watch this inspiring video of the time we spent with her and the refugees in Jordan!![embed][/embed]Even with all of this, we have only just begun. With your investment, we are ready to fan these flames into a full-fledged, world-wide wildfire. We ask you to help us meet several ambitious goals for the next few years:

  • 100 Euphrates Chapters by 2018, a five-fold increase.
  • Increase our awards and support to changemakers and visionaries.
  • Expand our Middle East trip offerings, from a single itinerary to three unique opportunities for travel and learning.
  • $1 million budget by fiscal year 2018-2019, a four-fold increase, to build capacity for expanded programming.

We wish you a happy and blessed 2017! We are grateful for you, our community of support who help light the path of peace and hope. We hope you will continue the journey with us!

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