Celebrating interfaith harmony

CBS and the United Religions Initiative teamed up to create "May Peace Prevail on Earth: An Interfaith Christmas Special", which aired Christmas Eve. Euphrates is featured in this uplifting program, which you can still watch here! Euphrates' story and the journey of its founding and values is shared about 18 minutes into the program.It is truly special, this one hour show that aired on national television Christmas Eve. It set aside a space of harmony, of peace, of focusing on uplifting compassion and all of the people all over the world who believe so firmly in peace. In fact, URI has already shared that an overwhelming number of new individuals and groups are now interested in starting "Cooperation Circles" after seeing the program. This is tangible proof that celebrating the central themes of compassion and humanity that underpin the world's religions is something people feel is compelling.We are so proud to be a Cooperation Circle of the United Religions Initiative (URI), and this partnership is such a wonderful boost to our work, especially in interfaith circles. We are honored to be one of two featured Cooperation Circles in the hour-long program, and had a blast spending time with URI in San Francisco this past fall filming, playing music, and visiting their offices.