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Standing up to fear and terrorism involves sharing hope and learning of the work of those already involved in peaceful change and progress.We've seen the proof of that statement time and again here at Euphrates, and that's why starting this week on CBS, a 30-second PSA is airing that seeks to shift viewer's thoughts from despair over the Middle East to optimism. The script reads:

"They tell us it’s hopeless.

That terrorism is on the rise, that Israel and Palestine will never be friends, and peace is a faraway fantasy.

We’re here to tell you a different story.…about a Middle East where people love their enemies, respect other religions, and make peace, not bombs.

Will you join us?

Visit euphrates.org to learn more." 

Do you want to be part of that message?

Use #prepareforpeace every time you see or participate in an activity that promotes peace and unity, rather than conflict and separation. Share these experiences or thoughts as often as you like on any social media platform, making sure to tag #prepareforpeace and #euphrates. Not sure what to post? People coming together, a calming moment in the middle of chaos, the power of humanity for good, an inspiring quote, a eye-opening article that taught you about someone's good work in the world, even coffee and conversation with a friend -- what in your life makes you feel you're headed toward peace?You can also add our #prepareforpeace graphic to your profile picture online, to show your support for this idea and your participation in getting ready for and expressing peace, every day! Visit this page to change your profile picture.

Be part of starting a global conversation that will give valuable air-time to stories of change, hope, and progress. Help start a grassroots movement that will be reflected on a larger stage, impacting policies.

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