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We believe there’s a role for each of us to play in countering extremism by amplifying the voices of moderates and becoming more informed about the Middle East, inspired by solutions and peacebuilding efforts that already exist, and transformed into effective agents of change. Given the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, the mission is more critical than ever. This annual appeal is your opportunity to join and sustain these efforts. 

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Thanks to our donors, here's how we're informing, inspiring, & transforming.

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Here are some of the ways we’ve been able to fulfill our mission in the past year alone:

“Your approach is the only one with any chance of bearing fruit. Victories in this struggle will be won at the rate of one person at a time. We Americans have the weakness–channeled through our political leaders–of expecting quick, spectacular victories over deep-rooted ills. Extirpating evil from thousands or millions of souls–whether via kinetic means or soft power–is a helluva lot harder than sending a man to the Moon or pushing the Japanese Empire back across the Pacific. Keep up the good work!”

  • We reached millions of people this year with a PSA broadcasting our message of hope on CBS. We received feedback from a Muslim viewer:

“I loved your ad and God bless you for doing this work. I know the world will change because of people like you spreading a message like this.”

  • We have a dozen Euphrates Chapters across the world, including in India, Palestine, and Belgium—with more signing up all the time. These groups fulfill the Euphrates mission at a local, grassroots level in their own communities. A Chapter co-leader shares:

“The Euphrates Institute has truly shaped the course of my life, having been part of it in the early stages as a student and on a trip to the Middle East. EI has compelled me to be a part of the solution to conflict in the region, which means taking an active role here at home through our Chapter. I’m excited to be part of Euphrates’ vision and increase our local and global impact.”

  • Our Visionary of the Year, Zuhal Sultan, founded the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq at the age of 17, which united youth across the country amidst seething conflict. Thanks to the speaking tour EI organized for her this past fall, she will rededicate herself to continuing the orchestra which had been halted by ISIS’ efforts. Zuhal wrote:

“This opportunity has brought back my vision. The support I felt along the tour made me want to again take up the work of building a community through the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq and showing Iraqis how much we have in common—no matter the circumstances.”

  • We have developed a Global Advisory Council of senior leaders in their field who will advise Euphrates during this critical time of transition from a start-up to a sustainable organization. Says member Amb. James Jeffrey:

"The Middle East will remain the core region of global instability and challenge to U.S. interests and global values. Broad understanding of the issues at play there, and as much people-to-people contact as possible, as Euphrates Institute is promoting, are essential to build support inside and outside the U.S. for smart policies.”Page 6page 7This is not seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. By holding strongly to our vision of a world at peace beginning with the Middle East, we see more of that peace realized. Our efforts to bridge divides and educate Americans about the Middle East, and vice versa, are directly countering phenomena like ISIS. Where they are sowing division, hatred, and fear, we are planting seeds of understanding, unity, and peace.Last year, we more than doubled our budget in order to expand our programs, and you responded by expanding your contributions by over 250% from over $30,000 to nearly $78,000. We are so grateful. This year, we again plan to increase our efforts by a large margin in response to global demand and we are looking for your support.

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