Euphrates Chapters travel and host events

Welcome to our Newest Chapters

This month we welcomed three new Chapters: a Brussels, Belgium Euphrates Chapter, a University of CA, Berkeley Euphrates Chapter, and a Hebron, Palestine Euphrates Chapter.The Hebron Chapter consists of the group Volunteering for Peace (VFP), a Palestinian non-governmental organization aiming to participate in establishing a bridge between the different youth groups in Palestine. They contacted Euphrates in order to work closer together on shared goals of peacebuilding. You can learn more about this wonderful organization on their webpage and also follow them on Facebook.

Summer Travels to Learn Arabic

From Principia College Chapter Leader, Tim Steckler: "Over the summer, I traveled to Amman, Jordan with the School for International Training (SIT) to study in an intensive Arabic program for seven weeks. Beginning to learn this new language was definitely difficult, but so much fun, especially when I got to practice it in the Suuks, taxis, restaurants, and with my Jordanian friends. Over the course of this trip, I met the most incredible people, including my Palestinian host family, and many others that I am still in touch with.Our group had the opportunity to spend some time living with a host family belonging to a Bedouin tribe in the desert, eating delicious traditional dishes such as mansaf and maqlooba and enjoying the millennia old-customs of these people.We also were able to travel in the south of Jordan, visiting areas like Wadi Rum, where Lawrence of Arabia crossed a hundred years ago, the Ancient Wonder of Petra, and the coastal city, Aqaba.

As a Christian, I gained entirely new insights on Islam, especially since during most of my stay it was the holy month of Ramadan. I learned from my friends of the discipline and grace involved in fasting and that Islam is a beautiful and fascinating religion.

By the time I left, I knew that the effect of this culture would never leave me. I gained a different perspective of the Middle East than that showed by media. I found that it is an area filled with the most incredible and gracious people that I have ever met, and that this was the true nature of the culture."

New Facebook Page and a Campus Mixer

University of California, Riverside Chapter Leader, Christine Ibrahim (standing, far right) and fellow chapter members participated in a campus mixer on October 6th. They set up a Euphrates table and enjoyed sharing the Euphrates vision and answering questions. The chapter also created their own Facebook Page! Take a moment to "Like" the page and follow their chapter activities.

Chapters Hosted Visionary of the Year

Five of the Euphrates Chapters were able to be involved in the 2015 Visionary of the Year Tour. Chapter Members met Zuhal, showed her around their towns, and supported the local events with excellent additional promotion. Here are a few Chapter highlights.

"We absolutely adored having Zuhal here and we're very grateful for the opportunity to have hosted her in Seattle!!

  • From the Seattle Chapter members: "Before her arrival, we promoted her through an interfaith network as well as the Arab Center of Washington, which posted our link on their Facebook page! We also made a banner for Euphrates to hang outside the venue. Zuhal spoke at Luther's Table in Renton, WA, a cafe supported by a local Lutheran church, who were so very gracious and generous in their willingness to help. They allowed us to use their own donation jars for supporting Euphrates Institute! Cookies and ice water were also available for everyone before, during and after the talk. There was such an overflow of attendees to the point where not everyone had a chair. Attendees mentioned how inspired they were by her message , and how they were very impressed by her vision and courage."
  • The Redding Chapter invited a great crowd to downtown Redding and put together a wonderful display at the event of Euphrates t-shirts, brochures, donation baskets, and refreshments at the talk.

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