Connecting with our Muslim neighbors and celebrating the Golden Rule!

Learning together as a community

On our Chapters call in April, Muslim scholars from the Centre for Peace and Spirituality based in Delhi, India shared the peaceful interpretation of Islam with our community. Members submitted questions in advance and the speakers discussed ideas on relevant topics ranging from the message of the Quran and the nature of God or Allah to women in Islam and what Islam can teach non-Muslims about non-violence. Many participants expressed a feeling of oneness, unity, brotherhood, and connection at the conclusion of our virtual gathering.

We are looking forward to an upcoming workshop this month facilitated by Tom McSteen on the Sacred Discourse framework, which is a heart-centered approach for having relational and connected conversations. This methodology can be used to cultivate transformational conversations across any type of conflict or difference, on any social or political topic, between individuals, in teams, and across communities.


Golden Rule Day in Liberia

Following International Golden Rule Day, the Monrovia Chapter hosted an event on the theme, “Working with Dignity, Justice, and Equality.” Fifty people gathered to discuss how they can practice the Golden Rule in their relationships in order to help eliminate violence and discrimination, and to create an environment of care and respect in their community.


The Golden Rule in Côte d'Ivoire

Chapter Leader James Offuh celebrated Golden Rule Day in Côte d’Ivoire through a dialogue workshop with his organization, United For Peace Against Conflict International. He engaged other local organizations in an event aimed to promote and give value to compassion and intercultural understanding in civil society as a foundation for future gatherings.


Supporting Syrians in Syracuse

This St. Lawrence University student chapter hosted its second annual Syrian Benefit Gala on April 28! This special evening included authentic Syrian cuisine, speakers, a silent auction, and a percentage of the tickets sales were donated to Syrian refugees in the local Syracuse area. In preparation for the event, the chapter screened two movies on campus: “Salam Neighbor,” an award winning film and campaign to connect the world to refugees, and the “The White Helmets” documentary, which follows three volunteer rescue workers as they put everything on the line to save civilians affected by the Syrian civil war.

Community Peacebuilding in Tanzania

Mwanza Chapter Leader, Jeremia Makula, brought together students and educators for a discussion about community peacebuilding. The event focused on developing trust and understanding between participants, empowering youth to become leaders and encouraging teachers to cultivate tolerance in the classroom.


Dispelling Muslim Stereotypes in the Midwest

The Principia Chapter invited a member of the Islamic Speakers Bureau in St. Louis for a roundtable discussion centered on the question, “What is Islam?” It was an informative conversation that served to break down stereotypes and help participants learn more about their Muslim neighbors.


Engaging in Meaningful Dialogue

In Redding, CA, Euphrates co-sponsored another “Difficult Conversations” workshop facilitated by Kern Beare from Nearly 250 city and community leaders have been through the training, with strong demand and interest continuing!


Celebrating Syrian Food and Storytelling

Director of Operations, Emily Osborne, volunteered at a Flavours of Hope pop-up dinner of Syrian food, music, and storytelling in Vancouver, Canada with over 100 guests. The talented mother-daughter chef team shared their stories of coming to Canada as refugees and their dream of showing hospitality to people through their love and passion for Syrian food. The event demonstrated the power of bringing people together over a delicious feast to build meaningful connections.