Chapters Program activity soars in November and December

Every month, we round up what our amazing Euphrates Chapters have been up to and share them with you here. Events, discussion groups, meetings, and talks are happening from coast to coast, in Europe, and now in South America and Asia as well. This community continues to grow and expand, and Chapters are learning the best ways to connect locally, address timely issues, and share the mission and values of Euphrates with a wider and wider audience. Read on to find out what activities November and December have included!
Chapter Updates

Berkeley Chapter kickoff event took the form of a potluck and discussion on November 15th. This casual, all-inclusive event was centered around a dialogue about America’s role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and featured a presentation by a current anthropology PhD candidate at UC Berkeley.The Redding Chapter hosted a talk for over 60 people entitled "Palestine is My Identity" on November 16th by a local Palestinian exchange student. Euphrates Founder & CEO Janessa Gans Wilder moderated the discussion.In addition to developing a Chapter-specific mission statement, the Principia Chapter hosted a lunchtime discussion on November 20th on the timely topic: Countering ISIS. Two weeks prior, they hosted a Coptic Priest from the St. Louis area to come up to campus for another lunchtime discussion.

"Humans, not headlines." --Principia Chapter

The Seattle Chapter has been hard at work networking in their community, collaborating with a local synagogue, and utilizing the tools to dispel fear of 'the Other' as they make these local connections. November 21st was a music-centered event entitled "the Pursuit of Harmony", and on November 7th they helped to promote and attend the "Pilgrimage to Peace" tour.

"[Acts of terrorism] should not result in more violence and more attacks. Society should create a space of understanding and acceptance for those who are misunderstood and marginalized."  --Brussels Chapter

The Brussels Chapter had a successful first event on December 2nd. 18 students attended a table discussion entitled "Terror and Society", and the Chapter provided these discussion prompts: how does media deliver news of violence in different parts of the world, why is it certain populations receive more attention, and what are some ways to change negative perceptions about Arabs and Muslims. One takeaway from the many discussions was the question: "How do we create a society that is inclusive?"

Welcome, New Chapters

New Delhi, India, has a new Euphrates Chapter, thanks to industrious and enthusiastic Chapter Leaders Hriday Sarma and Mashkoor Alam. Their aim is to present to their peers and other people of New Delhi an unbiased reality relating the conflicts that are going on across Middle East.A Euphrates Chapter has also started in Yolpa, Casanare, Colombia! Nohemy Johnson, a former member of the Principia Chapter, is kicking things off in her hometown to bring awareness about peace in the Middle East and how we can be a part of bringing peace. Nohemy says: "I feel like we all as humans have an obligation to care for our neighbors."

The work these Chapters are doing is incredible-- it's creative, it fits the local community where each is located, and the members are furthering the Euphrates mission exponentially! If you're not involved with your local Chapter, consider joining in. And, if there isn't a Chapter located near you, consider starting one of your own.

You can read the entire November/December newsletter here.