Celebrating World Interfaith Harmony Week in February!

World Interfaith Harmony Week promotes peace between all people regardless of their faith. The U.N. resolution that established WIHW in 2010 recognizes that “mutual understanding and interreligious dialogue constitute important dimensions of a culture of peace.” It is observed and celebrated by grassroots leaders around the world each year from February 1-7. Read how our international Chapters engaged in interfaith efforts for WIHW this year!


High school Chapter Leader visits the U.N.

Jaz Martus, Chapter Leader at Powers Catholic High School in Flint, Michigan, was selected by the United Religions Initiative as one of several students to visit the United Nations headquarters in New York during World Interfaith Harmony Week.

Reflecting on this incredible opportunity, Jaz wrote,"It was reassuring to meet young people from across the country involved in similar work and I learned a lot from their own initiatives that can be implemented at PCHS Euphrates. Likewise, I felt that I had a lot to share about events or strategies they may want to try. I think the best thing was probably the interfaith service. People from over 25 religions said prayers and spoke about their respective faiths, ranging from Catholics to Sikhs to Shintos (there are probably only two people who are Shinto outside of Japan and I think both of them were at the service). It was beneficial to learn more about other religions by talking to people who practice them."

Youth and arts for peace

Euphrates Chapter Leaders in Liberia, India, Palestine, and Tanzania organized creative activities during World Interfaith Harmony Week involving young students who are learning to value peace and developing peacebuilding skills.


Voicing peace on social media

A special thank-you to all those who participated in our #WIHWEuphrates social media campaign, responding to different interfaith prompts for each day of the week!