Celebrating peace around the world!

➜ Boston, Massachusetts

The Boston Chapter partnered with the Boston University School of Theology, Religion, and Conflict Transformation to host a full day of peace activities. They encouraged people to add their thoughts to a “peace river” banner they had on display. Simon de Voil played two beautiful, moving concerts and shared ways in which we can find peace personally and in our relationships with others. Janessa Gans Wilder spoke compellingly via video conference about her Middle East experience, vision, and work. The intimate group of attendees were all active participants in the discussion that followed, which led to meaningful fellowship.

➜ Islamabad, Pakistan

The Islamabad Euphrates Chapter, in partnership with the PINPOINT Institute and International Unity Forum, organized a Peace Day round-table seminar to recognize the efforts of those who are actively working to promote peace. It focused on raising the voices of moderate Muslims around the world and condemning recent acts of violence and terrorism.

➜ Redding, California

There was an International Day of Peace festival in Redding and the Chapter managed a booth at the event. They collaborated with exchange students in northern California from Pakistan, Nigeria, and the Philippines to share their experiences. One of the members changed the words of the Hokey Pokey to be peace themed, including lyrics such as “You work to help your neighbour and you turn the world around,” which was enjoyed by all generations!

➜ Hebron, Palestine

On Saturday, September 23rd, Volunteering for Peace in Palestine celebrated the International Day of Peace at the “Friendship Garden” in Hebron. The event started with a prayer and then the group started a round-table meeting to talk with university students and young leaders about what peace means. Participants expressed thoughts such as, “inner peace is very important to reaching real peace,” “human beings are born to love and not to hate,” and “ peace is a right for each citizen.”

➜ Lagos, Nigeria

During Peace Week, the Citizens’ Mediation Centre hosted a Walk for Peace and an International Day of Peace conference for peacebuilders in the community.