Canada Welcomes Refugees In An Extraordinary Way

When the new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won the election in October, he promised a gigantic shift from Stephen Harper's hardline anti-Islamic policies, such as the controversial niqab veil ban. Trudeau has already fulfilled his promise in remarkable ways.Soon after the election, Trudeau committed to bringing in at least 50,000 Syrian refugees by the end of 2016. And when the first plane arrived last Thursday, Justin Trudeau personally went to meet and welcome the refugees, saying "you’re safe at home now" and bringing with him warm clothes for the winter as welcome gifts. Housing, education, and other resettlement details have also all been arranged for them; partially by the government and partially by groups of welcoming Canadian citizens interested in doing their part to help.And then, as icing on the welcome cake, a choir of Canadian children performed the same song for refugees that was sung to Mohammed when he sought refuge in Medina.This message of religious respect and love is not going unnoticed by Muslims, many of whom have said they were moved to tears when they first heard it had happened. Canada has found what might be the single best way of countering ISIS propaganda: publicly welcoming Muslim refugees in the most loving and culturally aware way possible. It's hard for ISIS to paint their narrative of a war between Islam and the west if the west is welcoming Islam with open arms.One thing you can bet on: there won't be many ISIS recruits coming out of Canada anytime soon.As one refugee put it:

We feel as if we got out of hell and we came to paradise.— Kevork Jamkossian If you're interested in helping refugees in your community, consider joining or starting a Euphrates Chapter, or read this article and look up other local groups helping refugees in your area.