Euphrates Institute recognizes changemakers doing extraordinary work at a grassroots level, striving to make the idealistic realistic and the impossible possible.

Visionaries are those whose fearless and indomitable spirit has allowed them to transform the hearts, minds and actions of those around them, and to reveal a solution where there was previously despair.

The Visionary of the Year award is a way for the Euphrates Institute to both honor and spotlight their work.

The award is presented to an extraordinary individual who makes the idealistic, realistic, and the impossible, possible.

Get to know the awardees below:

2011 Sami Awad, head of Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem

2012/13 Ronny Edry, founder of Israel Loves Iran

2014 Thomas Henry Culhane, an inventor and sustainability activist in the Middle East

2015 Zuhal Sultan, founder of the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq

2016 Nousha Kabawat, founder of Syria’s Project Amal ou Salam

2017 Len and Libby Traubman, founders of the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue

2018 James Offuh, founder and CEO of the United For Peace Against Conflict International (UFPACI)

2019 Nipun Mehta, founder and CEO of Service Space