Who we are


Euphrates Institute is an educational and global grassroots peacebuilding organization, with Chapters across the U.S. and world. In today’s interdependent world, we equip and empower global citizens to solve intractable problems in their communities.

As an independent, 501(c)(3), not for profit organization, we accomplish our mission through educational and skill-building offerings, such as workshops, trainings, study trips, and a supportive community that equip today’s thinkers to be informed, inspired, and transformed global citizens—everyday people who understand the interconnectedness of our world and communities, and who are contributing to global change by healing themselves, their communities, and humanity


Guiding Principles

We strive to practice the Golden Rule, locally and globally.

We believe the world is interconnected and interdependent.

We believe there is a solution to every challenge.

We seek to humanize the Other.

We get beyond headlines of despair and highlight the good.

We agree with Albert Einstein’s sentiment that problems cannot be solved
at the same level of thinking that created them.

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